About Us

In a world where we love to explore with hair colour while at the same time keeping hair at it’s optimum health, there needed to be change in the hairdressing industry from the classic harmful bleach baths. Do you know a client that enjoys a bleach bath or a hairdresser that looks forward to carrying out the service? Neither do we!

That’s why we have launched Zalon Pro London – the revolutionary new quick, easy, and most importantly, healthy way to remove colour from the hair. Ammonia free and bleach free, means there is no harm to the hair, plus the Argan Oil contained in the formula adds shine and moisture.

Zalon Colour Remover allows stylists to start from a blank canvas, meaning it just got SO much simpler to achieve the hair colour that your client desires!

Zalon has been developed and manufactured in England – a Great British product.

How does Zalon hair colour remover work?

  • Synthetic colour molecules are very small, which allows them to penetrate the cuticle. Once inside, an oxidation reaction takes place between the ammonia and the hydrogen peroxide causing the dye molecule to swell and become trapped and unable to escape the cuticle.
  • Zalon reverses the oxidation process by shrinking the synthetic colour molecules, allowing them to escape from the cuticle and be washed away. This reveals the lightest previous natural shade of pigment.