Frequently Asked Questions

How does Zalon Hair Colour Remover work?

Zalon works by reversing the oxidation process. The artificial colour molecules in the cuticle are trapped and cannot release because they have expanded during oxidation and are too large to leave. Zalon shrinks the artificial colour molecules and washes them from the hair revealing the lightest previous shade. This shade may be lighter than the natural colour as bleach and ammonia from previous colour treatments may have lightened the natural pigment.

Who is Zalon Hair Colour Remover suitable for?

Anyone who has coloured their hair with an oxidised colour. Zalon Hair Colour Remover will remove all colour irrespective of how long you have coloured your hair. There are certain conditions, such as silicone damage that may trap the colour molecules, which may stop Zalon from penetrating the cuticle.

Why should I use Zalon Hair Colour Remover?

Use Zalon to safely and gently remove artificial hair colour without causing damage to the hair, and allowing you as a stylist, a blank canvas to work with.

When should I use Zalon Hair Colour Remover?

When you want to change your hair colour or want to detox your hair. In addition to removing artificial hair colour, Zalon will also remove residues from shampoos, conditioners and styling products as well as pollution. Zalon will remove hair colour even if it has been in the hair for months or years.

Why is Zalon Hair Colour Remover better to use than bleach stripping?

Bleach is a harsh chemical that will damage the hair by stripping the natural pigment as well as artificial molecules. Zalon simply removes the artificial colour molecules without causing stress or damage to the hair or scalp.

Does Zalon Hair Colour Remover remove all colourants?

It is very effective at removing all Salon and Home oxidised permanent colours. It will not work on non-oxidised colours, such as fashion colour stains (red,blue,green,etc). It will also not remove bleach, as it has permanently altered the natural pigment of the hair.

Can anyone use Zalon Hair Colour Remover?

We do not recommend use of Zalon if the client suffers from damaged/breaking/ hair loss.

Will Zalon damage or dry the hair?

No. Zalon is a gentle chemical process that will remove all colours without affecting the condition of the hair or scalp. It achieves this through being ammonia and bleach free. In addition, it also contains Argan oil, which adds shine and condition to the hair.

Can I do a partial removal?

This is possible, although it is not advised. Instead of the full 30 minute process, check the hair in good lighting every 10 minutes until the desired colour has been achieved, then rinse as instructed. Please note that there may be more colour molecules left in the hair than first thought, so there is a risk of re-oxidising.

How many times can I use Zalon Hair Colour removal?

It can be used as much as you wish within reason without harming the hair. However, it is important to note that colouring processes often use ammonia and/or bleach, which will cause damage to the hair and scalp if over-used. Therefore it is recommended to leave time between colours and removals.

Can I colour the hair immediately after using Zalon?

Yes. However, read the above point.

Can I use Zalon Hair Colour Remover if I am pregnant?

Yes. However, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to be sure that it is not going to affect you personally. It is always vital that you perform a patch test for allergic reaction.

Why can I not see the colour when rinsing?

Due to the process shrinking the artificial colour molecules, they are not visible to the naked eye.

It is important to rinse as instructed to avoid the colour re-oxidising. Is it necessary to perform a patch test?

Yes. even if you are a regular user of Zalon. The body dynamics change constantly so it is important to test every time.